Assessment of psoriasis severity

13 October 2021


The Global Psoriasis Atlas launches new tool

The severity of psoriasis may be different from person to person. One question many people living with psoriatic disease ask is 'How severe is my psoriasis?'

A newly launched tool on the Global Psoriasis Atlas helps you to make regular assessments of psoriasis severity and its impact on wellbeing: the Simplified Psoriasis Index.

The Simplified Psoriasis Index, which is available in English, French, Spanish and Thai. The tool has two complementary versions, one for use by health care professionals (proSPI) and one for self-assessment by psoriasis patients (saSPI).

The GPA team continues to work on the development of multilingual, diagnostic tools for healthcare providers and patients.

Severity Assessment Tool
Severity Assessment Tool

A simplified tool for assessing psoriasis severity

Check out the website of the Global Psoriasis Atlas to access the tool available in English, French, Spanish and Thai.