Global Psoriasis Atlas Annual Report 2021

23 March 2022


The Global Psoriasis Atlas is the first-ever comprehensive epidemiological resource for psoriatic disease. It contains data on the number of psoriasis cases worldwide and the availability of healthcare. Moreover, the Atlas looks in depth at the experiences and faces behind people living with psoriasis.

In 2021 the Global Psoriasis Atlas:

  • Made its website available in Spanish language
  • Expanded external research collaborations with the International Rare and Severe Psoriasis Expert Network – IRASPEN a global registry investigating the natural course of pustular psoriasis, disease burden therapeutics, and genetics
  • Expanded its networks with research collaborations in the following countries: Chile, Denmark, Greenland, Malaysia, Myanmar, Newfoundland, Taiwan, and Qatar.

Read IFPA's short piece in the report outlining how the Global Psoriasis Atlas data and findings allow IFPA to target efforts towards the issues that matter most!

The Global Psoriasis Atlas is an international project launched in 2016 by IFPA, International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDs) and the International Psoriasis Council (IPC). It has made incredible progress and is delivered by global experts and an academic project team led by the University of Manchester.