Unite. Strengthen. Lead.

IFPA Strategy 2021-2030

30 June 2021


Unite. Strengthen. Lead.

For the last 50 years, IFPA has been at the forefront of improving life for people with psoriatic disease and has achieved success in raising the profile of psoriatic disease on the global agenda. Despite many achievements, people living with psoriatic disease continue to
experience significant unmet needs. Now, it is time to act and implement. IFPA advocates for greater psoriatic disease recognition and pushes for countries to deliver on the recommendations set out in the Global Report on Psoriasis.

As the only global organization uniting people with psoriatic disease worldwide, IFPA is the global leader in fighting psoriatic disease.

  • Goal 1 – Ensure global representation: Boost the voices of everyone living with psoriatic disease, everywhere.
  • Goal 2 – Lead global advocacy: Fight for the interests of people affected by psoratic disease. Demand representation on global health and development agendas.
  • Goal 3 – Strengthen member capacity: Strengthen IFPA members. Raise national support for people living with psoriatic disease.
  • Goal 4 – Share knowledge: Close the gap between knowledge and action. Unleash findings to trigger breakthroughs for people living with psoriatic disease.
  • Goal 5 – Unite stakeholders: Build alliances with psoriatic disease stakeholders. Transform global, regional, and national collaboration.

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