Psoriatic disease affects the whole body - inside and out

Inside Psoriatic Disease: Mental Health

27 April 2022


All around the world, the burden of noncommunicable diseases is increasing. Noncommunicable diseases are often associated with increased burden on mental health and increased use of health services. For people living with noncommunicable diseases, mental disorders are a source of disability, yet they are less likely to be addressed compared to physical symptoms. Psoriatic disease is a quintessential example of a noncommunicable disease associated with a great effect on mental health, quality of life and well-being.

This report summarizes the science linking mental health and psoriatic disease. Together, we will explore quality of life in people living with the disease, and unpack known obstacles to their well-being. Psoriatic disease demands greater attention to mental health and quality of life. With proper mental health support and investment in mental health services, it is possible to minimize this additional burden on people living with psoriatic disease. Early diagnosis and treatment will allow all to achieve their full life potential.

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