Innovating stronger collaboration

UPLIFTED Solutions

29 October 2022


Do you know the vital step to unlock improved communication and quality care for people with the psoriatic disease? The UPLIFT Innovation Challenge presents some answers.

In the summer of 2021, IFPA and Amgen issued a global call for actionable solutions to address a challenge that people living with psoriatic disease and healthcare providers continue to face. The UPLIFT Innovation Challenge promotes an open dialogue about a patient's health and treatment goals and strengthens cooperation. Five successful organizations have now carried out their projects, and we can learn from their results.

The UPLIFT Innovation Challenge was born from a global study by Amgen that examined the changing attitudes and actions of doctors, as well as shifts in patients' perspectives. It revealed the disconnect between doctors and patients. One of the findings from the study revealed that individuals who had limited skin involvement disagreed with their doctor's diagnosis, evaluating their own condition as more severe than what their doctors had estimated. In other words, medical professionals who correctly followed treatment protocol could still overlook the significance of their patient’s individual understanding of the gravity of their condition. Strong communication with healthcare professionals is essential to improving outcomes for people living with psoriatic disease.

With the UPLIFT Innovation Challenge, IFPA and Amgen are promoting more excellent communication between healthcare professionals and the people they treat." These innovations will promote high-quality care and treatment during consultations. Thus, empowering people affected by the psoriatic disease to communicate more freely about their needs and experiences.

The time to act is now! Join these members in innovating the experience of people living with psoriatic disease. Visit the UPLIFTED Connections webpage to learn more.

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