World Psoriasis Day 2019

29 October 2019


15th World Psoriasis Day

WPD Let's get connected campaign in Japan





On October 29, 2019, we celebrated the 15th annual World Psoriasis Day. This year’s theme was CONNECTED. For the first time, the IFPA Secretariat, World Psoriasis Day Committee, and World Psoriasis Day Working Group collaborated to develop pillars and messages under our theme to explain all of the ways that psoriasis connects us.

What does it mean to be CONNECTED? We feel that this is an important time to focus on how individuals living with psoriasis can become connected to a larger community, with all the resources and support that these relationships can bring. Over the past year, global health advocates have placed particular emphasis on mental health. We, in the psoriasis community, hoped to intersect with this theme by highlighting the essential role that connecting to other people living with psoriasis can play in mental health. As mental health is one of the major co-morbidities of psoriasis, we also hoped to highlight the connection between psoriasis and other disease areas during this World Psoriasis Day.

Furthermore, the theme of World Health Day 2019 again stressed the importance of access to health care for everyone, everywhere. With this World Psoriasis Day theme, we stressed the importance of connecting people living with psoriasis to quality medical teams, representative research, necessary treatments, and supportive communities.

To know more about World Psoriasis Day 2019 theme CONNECTED download the Theme Announcement document, and WPD Activity Report will provide you with social media performance and member activity examples from each region!