Project Rare GPP

The Project Rare GPP fund is an opportunity for patient organizations to reach those in your region living with GPP (Generalized Pustular Psoriasis). National patient organizations are crucial to the fight against psoriatic disease, and often lack resources to carry out all the projects they wish for. With the financial assistance from this fund, you can realize some of these projects.

Project Rare GPP's vision is to improve the wellbeing and quality of life for those affected by GPP.

In 2024, Project Rare GPP dedicates 100,000 EUR to patient organizations that want to:

  • connect and improve wellbeing and quality of life of those affected,
  • lead research projects to improve patient experience, or
  • participate in educational/networking events.


GPP is rare. We know that those living with and affected by the illness are few. Knowledge of their burden and shared experience is limited. But GPP’s rarity in no way minimizes its impact on each individual affected. With this foundation, we will meet the needs of those that are too often left behind, and who are most in need of relief.

Application opens soon!



Project Rare GPP will prioritize projects that increase quality of life and wellbeing of those affected by GPP according to the following criteria:

  • Impact
  • Reach
  • Collaboration

Who can apply?

Project Rare GPP funds are only available to organizations. It is not a requirement that the applicant holds an IFPA Membership. Grants are not open to individuals or health care professionals.

The applicant must fulfil these basic requirements to be considered for Project Rare GPP:

  • Be a registered non-profit organization
  • Be democratically governed
  • Have existed for at least one fiscal year for which the annual report has been presented
  • Have at least one person in the organization who can communicate and report to IFPA in English

When to apply?

1st round: February 15, 2024 to March 31, 2024

2nd round: June 15, 2024 to September 1, 2024


Do you need support in developing your idea and apply? Email our coordinator at We can help you.

Organizations seeking support in developing their project idea should reach out to IFPA well in advance of the application window.

Project Rare GPP is supported by

IFPA fights for everyone living with psoriatic disease, no matter where they live of what kind of psoriatic disease they have. Project Rare supports organizations addressing the unique challenges of rare forms of psoraitic disease. No one is left behind. IFPA plans to expand Project Rare to include funding for all rare forms of psoriatic disease.

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