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Lived experiences from the full spectrum of psoriatic disease

IFPA Psoriatic Disease Ambassadors speak up for change on all fronts. Ambassadors are strong advocates. They are individuals with personal experience living with psoriatic disease and/or as a family-member, close friend, or caregiver to someone with psoriatic disease. They publicly raise their voices to call out decision-makers, demand patient involvement in research, and strengthen the psoriatic disease community.

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  • Zakieyah Davids

    Zakieyah Ajouhaar


    Cape Town South Africa

    "I have been living with psoriatic disease for the past 10 years. As an ambassador I'd like to create a greater awareness about psoriatic disease especially in my community."

  • Iman

    Iman Algaithi


    Buraimi, Oman

    "I was diagnosed with psoriasis 12 years ago. As an ambassador, I fight for myself before the rest. Raising our voice to the world to learn about psoriasis means a new life for every patient."

  • Emmylou Casanova

    Emmylou Casanova


    Manila, Philippines

    "I have been surviving Psoriatic disease for the past 20 years and now I am ready to raise my voice about my plight for the benefit of those who suffered like me. As an ambassador, I would like to stop the stigma, demand equal access to treatment, and insist that the national governments take action, Now!"

  • Lucía Estrada Csaky


    A Coruña, Spain

  • Hellen

    Hellen Wangui Gathere


    Nairobi, Kenya

    "I've been living with psoriatic disease for 15 years. As an IFPA Ambassador I advocate for equal access to medication and treatment the world over, and more importantly I advocate for completely doing away with stigmatization."

  • Pierre Celestin Habiyaremye


    Kigali, Rwanda

  • Gary

    Gary Lai Hing-kwan


    Hong Kong

    "I have been with psoriasis for more than 20 + years. As an ambassador I would like to let general public know psoriasis is not contagious. Psoriasis is more than skin deep and we should have adequate treatment options."

  • Christina 4

    Christina Larsen


    Fjenneslev, Denmark

    "I have been living with psoriatic disease for 30 years. As an Ambassador I fight for equal treatment and to eradicate taboos."

  • Joel

    Joel Nelson


    Norwich, England

    "I am an arthritis and psoriasis patient advocate and writer, sharing my story of psoriatic-associated Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis to raise awareness."

  • Ellen Nordgren

    Ellen Kay Nordgren


    Washougal, USA

    "I have been living with psoriatic disease for 16 years. As an IFPA Ambassador, I fight for equal access to treatments, world-wide."

  • Michelle Pagan

    Michelle M Pagan


    Portsmouth, USA

    "I have been living with psoriatic disease for 32 years. As an Ambassador, I fight for access to treatment, education and so that other patients understand that they aren’t alone."

  • Reena

    Reena Ruparelia


    Toronto, Canada

    "I've been living with psoriatic disease for 26 years. As an Ambassador, I use my voice to amplify the voices of others who are living with the condition so we can all move together into a healthy and more hopeful future."

  • David Salazar


    Quito, Ecuador

    "These 12 years with psoriatic disease have taught me to rethink my health and my relationship with others. As an IFPA Ambassador I want to show that psoriasis can become your greatest strength to move on with your life."

  • Chiara 6

    Chiara Lionel Salim


    Jakarta, Indonesia

    "I have been living with psoriatic disease for 13 years. I have found advocating for Psoriasis as my mission in life with the goal of eradicating stigma, educating people on psoriasis, and uplifting their quality of life, especially in Indonesia."

  • Rocyie

    Rocyie Wong


    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    "I have been living with psoriatic disease for 14 years. As an ambassador, I fight for inclusivity."

  • Orie 2 01

    Orie Yamashita


    Tochigi, Japan

    "I have been living with psoriatic disease for about 30 years. As an Ambassador, I would like to raise awareness of psoriasis, aiming for a world without suffering from psoriatic disease. I would also like to disseminate correct information about psoriatic disease to patients and society."

Contact person

  • Maxine pic

    Maxine Lancelot

    Scientific Coordinator

    Maxine Lancelot is an epidemiologist and MD candidate. Combined with her years working with IFPA, Maxine has a uniquely intimate understanding of scientific, clinical, and patient priorities when it comes to psoriatic disease. Maxine earned her Master of Public Health in 2017 researching lifestyle and nutritional impact on inflammatory disease.

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